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3 web design tips for eCommerce sites in 2021

Web design is a key part of any modern business’s online strategy and something you must get right. Most people now will check your website first before deciding whether to hire you, use your services or buy goods from you. A poorly designed website can, therefore, significantly impact your overall success. eCommerce businesses are a […]

How to build more backlinks for your site

Backlinks are essential if you want to boost the position of your website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Alongside other search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies, backlinks are one of the most important ways to ensure that your pages rank highly. Of course, link building can be daunting if your business’s website is relatively […]

4 link building myths debunked

Is your link building strategy doing more harm than good? If so, you’re probably following some outdated practices and myths that search engines could flag as spam. When done right, backlinks form an essential aspect of SEO, improving your overall ranking on SERPs. To benefit from link building, pay close attention to these four backlink […]

4 reasons your website needs a blog

Some business owners may be dismissive of incorporating a blog as part of their website design, thinking they haven’t got time to write blog content or that a blog can’t result in sales, but that approach is a huge mistake! We take a look at just four of the ways one of the most straightforward […]

How your website speed is harming sales

While many people look at the design of a business website, few look at the speed. There are several reasons. The first is that caching on browsers always makes the user’s frequently visited websites seem faster. When you visit your website daily, the loading time is significantly shorter than a new visitor’s experience. Business owners […]

4 reasons your website is damaging your business

Having a fully functioning website is essential in the business world, especially in this day and age. Not so long ago, businesses became known by word of mouth, radio, tv and written publications. However, these days, a simple Google search will land you on an array of businesses and websites in the sector you’re after. […]

Is your website cultivating brand trust?

When you create a business, your ultimate aim is to grow your brand, develop your customer base and ultimately generate profit revenue, and your website is a fundamental part of that. When customers or clients search for your services online, they are much more likely to click on your website if it has a higher […]