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Why good writing is good for SEO

Good SEO has always been a dark art – technology advances, fashion changes and Google tweaks its algorithms on a regular basis. As a result, writers looking to create SEO-friendly copy always feel like they’re on the back foot, battling against the search engine giants. But this needn’t be the case, because the main aim […]

Why building a great-looking website is key to unlocking new clients

The 2020 COVID pandemic might have forced many businesses and consumers to rely more heavily on e-commerce than ever before, but for many businesses, a great-looking website has always been a vital shop window. Here’s why: First impressions count With the decline of footfall on the nation’s high streets, plus the death of traditional paper […]

3 myths about SaaS debunked

SaaS is becoming more and more popular among businesses who are looking to avoid the excessive costs associated with on-site software applications, but there are still a number of myths that continue to circulate about this innovative software solution. Myth 1: SaaS applications are not secure The security for cloud services can be operated, maintained […]