The importance of integrating SEO into your website as early as possible

SEO is becoming better understood as an invaluable tool for helping your website be as visible as possible to new visitors. The importance of SEO is undoubted, however, many business owners are leaving it too late before integrating SEO practices into their website. So, when is the right time? The simple answer is as soon as possible!

Early SEO integration

The earlier you implement key SEO strategies into your website, the quicker you can start to benefit. The best time is ideally when your website is being created. SEO can form an integral part of the way your website design and development team approach the build of your website.

SEO can inform the way certain elements of your pages are displayed, the way your website is laid out, the tone and content of the web copy you have written, even the images that you decide on. SEO matters everywhere on your website, and the earlier you can begin to integrate it, the better.

Early adoption of SEO means your website can be built around it, rather than having to redesign and redevelop your existing website.

It’s not to late to get started

It’s important to remember that it’s never too late to improve your website’s SEO. No matter how old your website is, or the nature of the content you host on it, you can always make improvements to your SEO, making it easier for new visitors and customers to find your website from key searches.

If you have an existing website, SEO integration presents a useful opportunity for you to think about website redevelopment and updates. All websites age, and should be under a consistent level of review and development. Integrating better SEO also gives you the chance to improve other elements of your website too, such as rethinking the design and layout, and altering the copy. No matter how old your website is, your SEO can still be improved.

Make the start today

Don’t put SEO integration on the back burner. It has so many benefits to offer, and you could be missing out. Contact Excalibur Digital today for more information.

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