4 link building myths debunked

Is your link building strategy doing more harm than good? If so, you’re probably following some outdated practices and myths that search engines could flag as spam.

When done right, backlinks form an essential aspect of SEO, improving your overall ranking on SERPs. To benefit from link building, pay close attention to these four backlink myths that won’t get you anywhere.

1. Backlinks don’t matter as much anymore

Black hat link building practices such as keyword stuffing don’t matter anymore, but white hat SEO does. By using ethical link building techniques, you can give your website credibility, improve your rankings, and increase your site traffic.

2. The number of links to your site matters the most

While the number of backlinks to your website is essential, links from authoritative, high-quality domains and pages matter the most. For instance, if you’re a plumbing company and have backlinks from two pages, one about installing boilers and the other about cats, chances are the former is most valuable.

Alternatively, backlinks from weak web pages usually transfer less “authority” than those from strong ones. So, always consider relevance, authority, and traffic when creating quality backlinks.

3. Link building is irrelevant if you already rank high in search engines

Sadly, most business owners believe link building isn’t necessary, particularly if their websites rank high on SERPs. However, a lot goes into maintaining your position above your competitor’s in search queries. And, one way to do this is through link building.

A good link not only exposes your business to new customers but also increases your brand’s visibility across the web.

4. Guest posting is dead

Back in 2014, a lot of business owners believed guest posting was dead following a statement from one of Google’s employees. Despite providing clarifications later, many people still believe guest posting is a black hat technique when it’s not.

Generally, making spammy blog posts on guest websites to rank high is dead, but publishing resourceful and relevant blog posts on authoritative sites for branding, exposure, and building links isn’t. Since there’s a fine line between negative and positive guest posting, consult with an expert such as Excalibur Digital to advise you accordingly.

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