3 web design tips for eCommerce sites in 2021

Web design is a key part of any modern business’s online strategy and something you must get right. Most people now will check your website first before deciding whether to hire you, use your services or buy goods from you. A poorly designed website can, therefore, significantly impact your overall success. eCommerce businesses are a prime example of companies who must get their web design spot on. As people interact and shop purely online with these companies, it is critical.

But what tips should any eCommerce website be following for website design & development in 2021?

Focus on website performance

This is not a new tip in 2021 by any means, but it remains one you should still take on board. Website performance is more crucial than ever because there is so much competition between eCommerce sites now. But what does this mean in practice? Page load speeds are one example and you should ensure these are fast to stop people bouncing to other sites. You should also focus on having a responsive site, one which has filtering options, is sensibly laid out and contains top-quality images.

Mobile optimisation is important

Mobile devices have become essential to everyday life and this sees people use them for many different things. Shopping online is certainly one activity people will use their smartphone for in 2021 – even when at home! This means that any eCommerce site must be designed with mobile optimisation in mind. Your site should work just as well and be just as enjoyable to use on a mobile device as it is on a desktop one. If it’s slow or confusing to use on mobile, you stand to lose out on lots of sales.

Make checking out easy

For some eCommerce websites, abandoned shopping carts are a real problem. This is where people shop with you, put items in their cart but then leave without actually making a purchase. A good tip in 2021 to avoid this is to make sure your check-out process is easy. When designing your website, try to include as few steps as possible for checking out and do not put any barriers in the way. A good example is letting people pay as a guest if they prefer, without having to faff about creating an account with you.

Website design & development in Kent

At Excalibur Digital, we have many years of experience helping eCommerce businesses get the most from their website. While the above are some great tips to start with, there is often a lot more to it! This makes calling in the experts a wise move. Get in touch at 01622 535331 for more details.

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