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Maintain peak website performance to prevent your business getting left behind

Many online retailers understand the importance of having a good looking online sales platform, but what few understand is the importance of a responsive and continually updated website. Ongoing maintenance and improvements can help prevent your eCommerce platform falling behind the competition. Maintaining customer interest Online shopping continues to grow in popularity, and being able […]

Why all backlinks are not equal

Backlinks to websites are a lot like votes, they tell Google that content is credible, valuable and useful. If your website has plenty of good backlinks, it will help your pages to rank higher in search results. This will make your website far more visible, and increase traffic to your website. However, not all backlinks […]

Why is e-commerce is the future?

In a world that has fully embraced the internet, any forms of physical interactions are quickly fading away. In recent years, we have seen the birth and flourishment of various internet-centred businesses, e-commerce. Jeff Bezos’ Amazon employs 798,000 employees in its 175 fulfilment centres spread worldwide; Mark Zuckerberg’s social media platforms have a third of […]

Why good writing is good for SEO

Good SEO has always been a dark art – technology advances, fashion changes and Google tweaks its algorithms on a regular basis. As a result, writers looking to create SEO-friendly copy always feel like they’re on the back foot, battling against the search engine giants. But this needn’t be the case, because the main aim […]