3 things that could be killing your websites performance

Having a responsive, practical and attractive website is vital for any modern business. This is because it enables customers to find you easily on the internet and enables you to showcase your services/goods online to them.

However, it is not just as simple as building a website and then leaving it to its own devices. Keeping an eye on the performance your site offers is crucial. This is because websites that are slow to load pages or slow to respond to commands give a poor user experience. In light of this, it is key to not only keep site performance in mind but also deal with problems that harm it.

But what 3 things could be killing how your website performs?

1. Too many HTTP requests

A large amount of time spent loading web pages involves downloading their various elements. This could be anything from styles to scripts and images. The issue for site performance comes when an individual HTTP request is made for each of these elements. A page with lots of elements therefore can come with lots of HTTP requests and is slower to load. Taking steps to minimise these requests is, therefore, a good tip.

2. Time to First Byte speed

As well as how fast a page loads overall being key, how quickly the first part of the page loads is also vital. This is known as the ‘Time to First Byte’ and is measured in milliseconds. If your page has a TTFB speed of under 200ms, you are generally ok. Over this though and it may be harming your website performance. Common ways of fixing high TTFB speeds are looking at how your server is configured and addressing how dynamic content is created in web pages.

3. Website hosting plan

Another factor that could be harming website performance is your hosting plan. While shared hosting is easy to find and inexpensive, it can struggle to deal with high traffic volumes. In addition, issues with the site of a company sharing your server can sometimes impact how your own site performs. For this reason, many businesses now are moving to dedicated servers.

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