4 reasons your website is damaging your business

Having a fully functioning website is essential in the business world, especially in this day and age. Not so long ago, businesses became known by word of mouth, radio, tv and written publications. However, these days, a simple Google search will land you on an array of businesses and websites in the sector you’re after.

However, it is not enough to just have a website; it must be engaging and keep users clicking long enough for you to advertise effectively. It takes approximately 50 milliseconds to form an impression about a website for most people, and if your website isn’t optimal, it could damage your business. Here are some examples of how your website could be damaging your business.


Search engine optimisation (also known as SEO) is key for any successful website. It works by using keywords on your website and throughout your content that are relevant to your industry. That way, when people use search engines to find your products, you’ll appear in the results list. The better your SEO, the higher you’ll rank in the search engine results.


Poor website design and development could be another aspect that’s harming your business. Sure, your skills can make a website, but are you able to design a sleek, high-quality website? It’s important to think about your first impression for those entering your website for the first time.


A website that’s hard to navigate is likely to lose traffic – and quickly too. Make the navigation of your website slick yet simple. Make it easy for visitors to find contact details or a sign-up form! If they can’t easily find it, they’ll go to a website where they can.

Hard to find

You can’t expect to get organic traffic to your website if people can’t find it! Link your website on your social media pages, improve your SEO, invest in backlinks to your website from relevant websites, and make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find.

Concentrating on these four fields will improve your website performance and help turn curious visitors into life long customers for your business.

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