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Responsive web design for e-commerce – what you need to know

What is responsive web design? ‘Responsive web design’ is a popular phrase in modern website design and development. It refers to a web design approach in which the web pages dynamically respond to the screen size, orientation and platform of the access device by resizing and adjusting it to the user environment. The goal is […]

How improving your bounce rate can boost your SEO

Improving your bounce rate (the percentage of people who only visit one page on your site and then leave) is a great way to improve your website performance and make sure people are hanging around and interacting with your content. But there’s also another happy side effect of lowering your bounce rate: the same tasks […]

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Are you overlooking the benefits of backlinks?

There are many strategies which allow websites to improve their search engine optimisation (SEO) in the modern era. In fact, in many cases, an integrated plan which uses several different methods can be the best policy. But if you are not using backlinks to their full potential, you could be missing a trick. In this […]

Your web host could be affecting your SEO

When it comes to optimising your e-commerce website, every little detail counts. Business owners spend a lot of time and effort on SEO practices, but neglect or fail to realise how their hosting provider may be hindering SEO efforts. Here is an explanation of how your web host could inadvertently be lowering your SEO ranking. […]

4 reasons why you should look into local SEO

Local SEO is a search engine optimization technique focused on providing results based on relevance and location of the search query. As an eCommerce business, this means optimising your website performance to reach a local target audience, which is more likely to yield potential customers. Unlike global SEO, which targets the broader market, local optimisation […]

3 harsh realities of SEO in 2019

Thanks to Google’s frequent algorithm updates, debuting on the first page of search results has never been tougher. Slapping together half-baked, keyword stuffed content and using shaky backlinks for SEO is a thing of the past. Search engines are now inclined towards delivering meaningful and quality results to their users. In the most recent update, […]

Tips on creating a content-rich website

If you are already operating an e-commerce website or are contemplating taking your business online then you might consider creating a content-rich website. Content-rich websites attract visitors with compelling aesthetics including exotic photographs and media that invite visitors to spend more time on the site. Attractive content is a great way of engaging visitors by […]

One in five internet users probably can’t access your website. This is why…

Internet technology is great. As many as one in five people, though, experience challenges which make it more difficult for them to access computers, tablets, or smartphones. Many of these individuals rely on accessibility tools (such as screen readers, magnifiers, colour changes, or voice recognition) to aid their use of technology and, especially, the internet. […]

3 key website design mistakes eCommerce businesses make

When it comes to eCommerce, there are certain website design and development principles that should be observed in order to ensure a successful website. At Excalibur Digital, we’ve seen many eCommerce businesses making the same mistakes with their websites. Knowing what those mistakes are will allow you to avoid them. Here are three of most […]

Three attractive benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing is, very simply, using a series of remote servers in a network to store, manage, and process data online. Now you know what cloud computing is, here are three of the main benefits that Excalibur Digital can provide to you. Saving you money Cloud computing is actually a great way for businesses to […]