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4 tips to improve SEO for your business

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it is more commonly known, has become a vital part of internet technology in the last decade or so. Running an e-commerce business successfully is very difficult to do without taking SEO into consideration, so much so that many people working in digital communications are making a career from […]

Keeping your website in trim

There’s a great anecdote, told by the world’s most famous cockney, Michael Cain, about one of his many wild nights out on the town during the heady 1960s nights in ‘Swinging London’. The revelling crowd included one Vidal Sassoon, then known as one of London’s most expensive hairdressers, and a big favourite with the hippest […]

Digital communication is something your business can’t afford to ignore

Whatever your industry, and regardless of how large or small your business is, it is absolutely essential to fully understand – and subsequently utilise – the power of digital communication. Businesses are continually realising that they must embrace digital technologies if they are not only to survive but thrive going forwards. From accounting to stock […]

The power of the image alt tag

Almost all websites will contain multiple images, and if you’re uploading images to your website, you may have seen an area to add an alt tag. This alt tag is used in a few different ways, and they can be an extremely useful element to include as part of your SEO planning and implementation. How […]

Here’s how investing in ongoing web development can help your business grow

Website design and development are both essential services in the formation of a professional website. The thing many don’t understand, however, is that they are so much more than initial investments – if you’re willing to invest in them on an ongoing basis, your business stands to reap the rewards. But why is ongoing web […]