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The best website optimisation tools in 2021

At Excalibur Digital, we love sharing our tips and tricks for creating the best website for your business. In a world of advanced technology, there are some excellent tools on the market that can help you to achieve optimal website performance, resulting in an excellent user experience and a higher conversion rate! Tools are fantastic […]

Top 4 benefits of using web hosting services

Choosing the perfect web hosting plan can make a world of difference to your website. Without it, there’s a risk of having a website that loads slowly, which will ruin your rankings as well as your relationship with customers. Read on for our top 4 advantages of using web hosting services. Your site performance will […]

Common eCommerce myths demystified

There’s no doubt that more and more of us are shopping online. 53% of people bought goods over the internet in 2008, but by 2019, this figure had shot up to 82% – and the numbers keep on growing. With this in mind, knowing how to effectively operate an eCommerce site is more important than […]

Looking ahead: how to future proof your SEO

The landscape of the internet is constantly evolving as new technologies encourage innovation. Voice and mobile search are two prominent examples of users moving forward with the technology, as more and more people use at-home and in-car voice assistants to search for things online. Due to the revolutionary nature of the internet, trying to future […]

5 of the biggest SEO mistakes in 2021

Search engine marketing is constantly evolving, so much so that techniques that worked five years ago are all but worthless today. This can lead many small business owners confused about which practices they should be deploying to get more traffic. So in this blog, we are going to look at five of the biggest SEO […]

How can a website audit benefit you?

Many business owners don’t realise that their website has grown out of date and has become ineffective. For many, the web design and development process stops when their website is “finished” – they don’t consider that it’s actually an ongoing process that demands consistent updates, changes, and tweaks. That is why a website audit can […]