3 common myths about website hosting in 2021

Any business owner knows that having a vibrant and positive digital presence is a must. A big part of this is your company’s website. This is the place people connect with you online and which not only shows them who you are but also enables them to buy your goods or hire your services. It is not enough to simply create a stunning site though – you need effective web hosting for it as well. Without this, your website will not be online for people to find!

Hosting is still a topic fraught with myths and misconceptions. But what are 3 of the most common still in 2021?

It doesn’t matter who you choose for hosting

You would think that this myth would not be common in 2021 – but it is heard a lot! Many businesses still seem to underestimate not only how key decent website hosting is but also how much of an impact who you choose for hosting has. It is crucial to carefully look at any web hosting service and see how they fare on key metrics like downtime, cybersecurity and overall performance. All web hosting companies are not created equal, so you must do your research before choosing one.

Most expensive hosting is best

This is another common myth around internet technology and web hosting in general. Many organisations still seem to equate the most expensive option with being the best – but this is not always true. It is much better to look instead at the value of any hosting plan. In short, this is the features and service you get for the overall cost. This gives a much better idea of how good any web hosting service is, rather than merely focusing on price.

Web hosting is the same as web design

Many business owners who are not IT experts understandably struggle sometimes to grasp how web design and web hosting differ. This can see some entrepreneurs conflate the two and think that web hosting is taken care of as part of web design. This is not true – designing a site is literally the process of creating it, you still need to sort out where to host it separately afterwards. The good news is that lots of web design companies also offer hosting now to make it easier to resolve.

Website hosting with Excalibur Digital

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