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Website design or the process of creating websites is of great importance to website owners simply because it is the first step to establishing their online presence. This is the stepping stone to creating that credibility that will lead to a better conversion rate. Web design can offer the best advantages to businesses that want to get seen in the online environment. According to https://www.ecpi.edu/blog/why-is-web-design-important, when a company has a properly built website, it increases its chances of having more customers.

It is all a matter of leaving the right type of first impression. Based on https://www.ecpi.edu/blog/why-is-web-design-important, if the website has an outdated looking appearance, visitors are going to question everything from the reputation and credibility of the business to its products and services. When investing in web design services, you can easily prevent this from happening. Setting a suitable budget for this specific project is essential, which is why it would be recommended to talk to a team of web design professionals that can offer you a quote. Regarding the various features that are considered critical when building a website, it is best to consider choosing the right type of layout, to ensure the interface is user friendly, that the structure of the content is neat, simple and organized.

The content posted on each page must lead visitors to where the website owners wants them to go such as contacting them or subscribing to their newsletter and so on. The message sent needs to be a clear one. A combination of all these elements will build a business's credibility and will convince visitors that the level of professionalism they will benefit from when investing in their products or services is exactly what they would expect. A site that has been designed by experts will take your company one step closer to its goals and can even help you accomplish them.


We are a website design company focused on ensuring that the web design services we offer match the needs of our clients, regardless if they want to ensure that their layout is suitable for the kind of business they are running or if they are interested in achieving all of their goals while relying on the online environment. Investing in website design Kent is the best way of ensuring that your entire online presence will help your business become successful. This is exactly what you can expect from our team. Look at your website as the best way of your target audience to interact and connect with your brand. Rely on our company to create the perfect setting for all of this to happen exactly as desired.


We've put a case study for you to download but to save you the trouble I've explained a little below.

We were given the task of redesigning an old tired website that needed much TLC. The traffic was good but the conversions (registrations, sales) were low which was down to the 90% bounce rate produced by a poor, poor user experience and low visitor confidence.

Sooo long story short, we done an awesome job (shameless plug) on the new website and took the bounce rate down to near zero, ZERO, it's a new high, or low, which ever.

The site looks and performs great, the user experience is fantastic and everyone is staying to find out more and in turn, sticking around long enough to register.

What does that mean in real terms? More money, growth and a happier life for everyone involved is the short answer.

WHY FROM £1799

We provide you with a simple pricing model so you know exactly what to expect and understand where your money is going.

Our predefined package includes the creation of the most common webpages a visitor would expect to see when visiting a website. We have made it simple for our clients to personalize their web pages based on their current needs. Although a homepage, contact us and a specific content page are the standard, you can add as many pages as you desire to your package and can figure out the price for our work in a few seconds. The website design that you will benefit from will send a particular message to your prospective customers: that your company is a professional one that will add value to their lives thorough the products and services that you have to offer.


What you can expect from us

Establishing the purpose of a website can be challenging if not impossible when we do not know enough about your business, which is why we always start our design process with an initial conversation. This is where we ask all the questions that will allow us to understand the goals you would like to accomplish with your brand new website as well as the type of approach that you would prefer to use whenever trying to connect with your target audience. All in all, we aim for delivering a custom, professionally looking website that will always leave the best possible impression. Our three step process (wireframing - design - website building) will lead to the result meant to help you convert more leads into paying customers.



This is a super simple method of describing what the page layout should look like and what should go where. Changes a quick and simple to make and helps us communicate between you and the designer.



The designer can start once the wireframes have been approved and work their magic to turn the simple wireframes into a fantastic looking website. This goes through a simple feedback and approval stage until everyone is happy with the result.



The approved designs are passed onto our development team who turn the flat images into a working website with all the functionality hooked up and ready to go. This is when the website is ready for the live content.


We want to support you long after your website goes live

We don't just end our support after your website goes live. When that happens, our team is going to continue offering you the assistance you require based on your needs. Regardless if we are talking about PPC campaigns, search engine optimization or business development, our team will be by your side to ensure that visitors are lead through all the right channels to your website, where they will spend enough time to convince themselves that investing in what your business has to offer is exactly what they need to do. We believe in building sites that serve just the right purpose - the one that you want them to serve. Making them visible can be the result of a combined paid and organic strategy.



When you’re ready to advertise your products or solutions, we’re here to provide setup and management of your advertising campaign, making sure you see a return of investment



Search Engine Optimisation is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website and we’re on hand to advise and manage and SEO campaign with a focused goal in mind



Every website should have a purpose and in business that purpose should involve supporting and growing your business which is why we specialise in business development and maximising the potential your website has


  • Your own client manager - the best way of keeping your contacts in check, properly tracked and updated with each new development
  • Full project management - a complete package of services that will allow you to get all of your needs met
  • Business development consultation - how your website can be built to ensure maximum results for your business
  • Full website training - all the information you require regarding the website we deliver
  • Analytics and tracking setup - access to the data that will allow you to make informed decisions regarding your online activity
  • Free 24/7 website monitoring - we make sure that your website is always ready to welcome visitors
  • Free website audit report - all the strong and weak points you need to be aware about detailed in a report
  • Free hosting for 1 year - your web pages will be hosted on our servers free of charge for 1 year
  • Google score of 90+ - ensuring your pages are not only going to be loading fast every time, but also mobile friendly
  • SEO ready - your website is built with search engine optimization in mind to ensure it will be properly indexed by search engines
  • GDPR ready - your website is designed to comply with GDPR regulations

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