4 reasons your website needs a blog

Some business owners may be dismissive of incorporating a blog as part of their website design, thinking they haven’t got time to write blog content or that a blog can’t result in sales, but that approach is a huge mistake! We take a look at just four of the ways one of the most straightforward pieces of internet technology can boost your website traffic and business.

Driving traffic to your website

A blog doesn’t have to be a meaningless diary entry. When a strategic approach is taken, blogs can drive serious traffic to your website. Think carefully about the topics and keywords your business is associated with and ensure they feature as part of your regular content to help potential customers find your business when searching online. Search engines love fresh content, so blogging smartly is a brilliant, low-cost way to improve your rankings and boost your SEO.

Reputation management

Don’t get too carried away with stuffing your blogs with keywords for SEO, as readers will see through this, but think about how you can use your blog content to position your business as leading the way in your field. By staying on top of trends in your industry, your blog, and therefore business, will be seen as the “go-to” for the latest insights. You can also utilise your blog as a platform to share your latest press releases, keeping you front and centre of the news in your industry.

Create a relationship

A blog is a great way to utilise digital communication to showcase the personality of your business and the people behind it. This is the platform where your tone of voice can really shine, building a relationship and trust with your audience. If you have a large team, you can also use this as a way to champion the different people in your business and their bespoke skillsets.

Increase awareness and word of mouth

Well written blogs get shared on social media channels (especially LinkedIn) and this can be another great opportunity to increase brand awareness and word of mouth all for free!

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