About Excalibur Digital

Richard Wilkins

Hi! I’m Richard Wilkins and I’m the owner of Excalibur Digital. I enjoy what I do and want to take the opportunity to say hello, introduce myself and hopefully you can get to understand why we do, what we do.

I’ve been professionally involved with web design and development since 2003 and I’ve always had a passion for effective websites.  I’ve worked in every position in my company, starting from customer service to eventually owning it.

Because of my passion, we believe a website should have a purpose, a role, like an employee within a company and like every employee, it should have a job to do, expectations, objectives and targets but not holiday; websites shouldn’t go on holiday.

All too often I come across websites that fall below that standard which is why we have specialised in becoming effective ourselves at addressing those issues by working closely with our clients, understanding their requirements and using our unique skills to leverage the benefits of a great user experience, design, technology and marketing.

When we start work with our clients we always begin with listening. Our initial conversations focus on their business goals, objectives and aspirations. Understanding where our client wants to be is essential when it comes to defining the scope of a project and understanding the role the website will play in contributing to the overall strategy.

Most websites are designed primarily to deliver lead generation, to act as a company brochure or as an ecommerce platform, but many still fail to achieve what is expected of them, and this is what we focus on. For this reason, once we have listened, we agree a goal with our client which will then underpin all our decisions.