The top 3 reasons your website might be losing visitors

Got a high bounce rate? Seeing a lot of traffic on your website but just aren’t achieving the conversions you need?

There are a ton of reasons that people could be leaving your website.

Unfortunately, your users will never stop to tell you why. But don’t worry – as we’ve put together the top three reasons your visitors are leaving.

1. It’s taking too long to load

With a smartphone in nearly everyone’s pocket, we’re truly living in a technological age. Which means that we’ve got access to nearly every piece of information that we need at the end of our fingertips.

Although this has many benefits, including connecting us to more people to ever before, it does have its downsides. One of these is that it’s made us more impatient than ever.

People just aren’t prepared to wait as long anymore. If your website doesn’t offer the speeds people need, they’ll go somewhere else.

You won’t have long to convince them otherwise either. In fact, 40% of visitors will leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load.

2. It’s not user-friendly

Websites should be simple and easy to use. No matter where your visitors come from, they should be able to instantly work out what your website is, how to navigate to other pages and what clicking the buttons will do.

Not sure how user-friendly your website is? Get people to test it. Hear their thoughts and opinions and if they struggle finding their way around – then you’ve got some issues to address.

3. There are no benefits

Your visitors all want to know one thing: what’s in it for them?

Your website is there to tell them. It’s not a space for modesty or mystery. It’s your chance to really tell your visitors why they should care about your product and service, what makes you stand out and why they should buy from you and not your competitors.

The way you do this is through benefit-led copy and design.

Keep your users on your website

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