Reasons you could be getting your SEO wrong

With the proliferation of SEO knowledge on the web, it can be tempting for some business people to try by themselves. This can work up to a certain point, but there are still many mistakes which can be made along the way. In this article, we take a look at some common pitfalls on the SEO agency:

Too many keywords

If you made an effort to identify your own keywords in relation to your own business and popular Google search terms, it was time well spent. But don’t fall into the trap of trying to stuff too many into your content. Not only will it make what could be engaging content potentially unreadable, but it can also signal to Google that your site is spammy and this might reflect badly in your search rankings.

Irrelevant content

Once you have understood the most helpful keywords in your list, then you should endeavour to build the content on your site along similar lines. That means relevant themes that can help with your keyword implementation, rather than unrelated pieces of content which not only look out of place, but make it hard for you to insert the keywords which you need to. Aim to use your content to answer the questions which your audience might have, rather than lead them away from your core subject matter.


If you have seen something on another site which you like, possibly the worst thing you could do is to copy and paste it. That’s because Google values original content, rather than text which it can see in other places on the net. You could also put yourself at risk of getting in trouble with the site where you took the content if you don’t give them sufficient credit. And it looks spammy! So if you want to direct your visitors to a certain piece of content, in many cases it is better to provide a link rather than copy and pasting.

Those are some of the most common SEO mistakes which we see. Ensure you are getting the basics right, before moving on to the more complex considerations.  Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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