4 reasons why you should look into local SEO

Local SEO is a search engine optimization technique focused on providing results based on relevance and location of the search query. As an eCommerce business, this means optimising your website performance to reach a local target audience, which is more likely to yield potential customers.

Unlike global SEO, which targets the broader market, local optimisation is geared towards increasing traffic to your online space and physical establishment. Local SEO is an invaluable tool for local trade and modern digital communication. The need for geo-optimisation has especially grown over recent years due to the increase of smartphone usage in online searches. A majority of mobile searches have buyer intent.

How does local SEO work?

There are several techniques, including actual web design and development, employed to achieve a high geographical ranking. These include:

• Local content optimisation
• Keyword optimisation
• Business localisation
• Backlinks
• Website page optimisation
• Review management

Information about your business’ physical location such as your address, working hours, physical map and directions is vital. Take for instance someone in London searching for a coffee shop online. The person is probably not interested in coffee shops in New York if he or she wants a cup of coffee. Using local information, the search engine matches coffee shops in London to the search query. And a London coffee shop scores a new customer.

Why you need local SEO

Over half of all online searches today are done on smartphones and other portable devices, and more than 60% of local results lead to sales or visits, according to research carried out by leading search engines. Here are four reasons why you can’t afford to ignore local SEO:

Boost local brand awareness

Brand awareness is an essential marketing campaign for every business. Local SEO allows you to advertise your brand with respect to your location. Brand awareness undoubtedly drives sales and creates a brand-product association.

Increase web traffic

Search engine optimisation drives organic traffic to your website. Over 90% of all new website visitors navigate their way from search engine results.

Reach potential customers

Your business is suggested to an audience who can physically reach your business. About 70% of local searches lead to an offline sale; this shows the ability of local SEO to attract buying customers.

Market reliance on the internet for information

The modern market is heavily reliant on the internet for information about businesses. A business’ online presence and accessibility are what sets it apart in the digital market. Before a visit, a potential customer will look up reviews, working hours, ratings, location and other related information about a business. Geo-optimisation lets your business deliver such information.

Local SEO has the potential to grow your foot and web traffic in a local market. The idea is to narrow your target audience to a potential few rather than a large and irrelevant global audience. At Excalibur Digital, we understand the need for site optimisation and the wonders it can do for your business.

We offer professional SEO solutions to optimise your business both globally and locally. Contact us for more information on SEO and our other services today.

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