Three SEO ‘must haves’ for ecommerce

SEO techniques are used by many kinds of organisations in order to bolster their online presence, but in few spheres is it as important as in ecommerce. That’s because ecommerce websites can live and die by the number of visitors which they manage to attract from search engines. That can mean ticking off all the SEO requirements which are absolutely essential in order to remain as competitive as possible.

Here we provide three SEO essentials for ecommerce:

1. Go green with HTTPS

If you haven’t done so by now, ensuring your ecommerce site is secured with HTTPS can be vital to creating a safe online shopping environment for customers. Encryption provided by HTTPS means that any personal data which is exchanged over your site – the most important of which could be payment information – is secured. Visitors will also see the reassuring green highlighted part of your address bar, as well as the padlock symbol, and you don’t have to worry about their browser displaying a warning.

2. Get your category pages optimised

Optimising your category pages with top-level keywords can really make a difference SEO wise. This is your chance to match the search terms which potential customers are entering into Google as they search for products which you sell on your site. You shouldn’t forget about the importance of providing a descriptive text on your category page – it doesn’t have to be more than a paragraph, but it should be unique and do a good job in setting the scene for the particular products on a page.

3. Get your product pages optimised

When it comes to your product pages, this is your chance to ensure that your content sparkles. For SEO purposes, content should always be unique and include user-generated elements such as reviews when possible. You should also include metadata as standard.

By ticking off the SEO essentials above, you can go a long way to ensuring that your ecommerce site is doing all it can to appeal to the Google algorithm and pick up some places in the rankings.  Get in touch to see how we can help you.

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