Why is website performance so important?

Much is made of website design and development – and make no mistake, they’re highly important aspects of any successful website. But, arguably one of the most important things about any website is its performance. Investing in continually improving website performance is one of the wisest moves any business can make.

Encouraging access from all areas

The rise of mobile phone and tablet technology means that more potential visitors than ever are going to want to access your website from a mobile device. Poor website performance leads to slow loading, badly rendered images, and difficulty in navigation. Few things turn visitors away from a website quicker. Investing in website performance means encouraging interest from the widest possible pool of potential traffic, which is going to allow your brand to grow that much faster.

The key to audience engagement

Whether it’s a blog or an eCommerce website, the goal is always engagement. A website with no audience engagement is dormant – just like a store with no customers. The key to facilitating that engagement is website performance. You want your customers to be able to efficiently browse through the products you have for sale, and then check out as conveniently and quickly as possible. Poor website performance puts unnecessary roadblocks in the way of making consistent lead conversions.

A positive brand message

The way your website operates sends a message about the rest of your business to your audience. A website that is highly responsive and quick to load allows customers to develop a very positive image of your brand. Users are quick to associate the quality of their experience when engaging with your website with your business as a whole. So, it pays to ensure that the experience is as positive as possible. If users have a poor experience the first time they visit, you can guarantee they won’t be coming back.

Investing in improving website performance is something all businesses should do. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, but it can help your business, your brand, and your user base to grow.

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