3 SEO trends for 2021

Are you keeping up with the Google algorithm? Those of us who are not employed by the world’s biggest search engine would not typically be subject to the latest changes which affect how SEO works. However, thanks to trial and error, we can come to understand certain SEO principles and come up with new techniques that can give pages a boost in search engine result pages.

So as we look ahead to 2021, what are the new SEO trends which could come to the fore? Here are three for starters:

– Increased automation

In 2021, we are going to be able to automate more SEO tasks. Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques are increasingly being used to create content with an SEO purpose. Tools with automated functionalities can help SEO experts to optimise websites, analyse and report on campaigns, perform competitor analysis and search for backlink opportunities.

– Customer analytics over keywords?

Keyword lists have long been seen as fundamental to SEO campaigns, giving us the basis of phrases which we can use to optimise content. But their importance may diminish slightly in 2021, as customer analytics takes on a new relevance. Companies look set to focus more on how the customer behaves while browsing the net, the content they are looking for, and the questions they ask. Gathering this data can allow us to sharpen up SEO in order to target the net users which matter the most.

– Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals – that is, user experience factors which are measured by Google – are expected to be introduced by in 2021. That could mean a new emphasis is placed on getting the UX right. Is your website mobile-friendly, with fast page loading speeds and image optimisation? If it isn’t, you might be falling behind some of your competitors who do have their ‘house in order’.

We hope you found this forecast for 2021 SEO trends insightful. Remember, in order to implement the best SEO strategies, it is important to constantly monitor the effectiveness of optimisation techniques.

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