Developing an eCommerce site? 5 things you can’t afford to ignore

The last 12 months have truly showcased that, when it comes to retail, eCommerce is both the present and the future.

Due to the fact that eCommerce sites enable users to commit to purchases regardless of the time of day or location, and with the breadth of the retail world available at the click of just a few buttons, it is absolutely certain that, for businesses to thrive in the years to come, a strong online presence is essential.

But what exactly does an eCommerce site need if it is to be truly beneficial? In this blog, we’ll list the 5 key features that you need to consider.

1. General information that is succinct and easy to understand

It may sound superfluous, but the importance of giving visitors to your website an overview of your company, its origins and history, the people that work there and the means by which to communicate (social channels and email address, for example), should never be underestimated.

2. Encourage the opening of accounts

One of the reasons why eCommerce sites are so beneficial to retailers is because they are able to obtain masses of consumer data. If you can encourage a customer to make an account by, for example, giving them a discount on their first purchase, you will be able to gather key information, and the customer will also benefit by being able to track orders, reach the checkout quicker and can get personalised recommendations.

3. Have dedicated product descriptions

Each product, service or solution being advertised on the website should have its own description, even if it is only short. In it, key information such as dimensions and delivery times should be noted, and links to reviews should also be included (if available).

4. FAQs

Regardless of how detailed your product descriptions and About Us pages are, some people will have questions that need to be answered. An FAQ section that can be updated and enhanced frequently is a necessity, as not only will it give consumers all of the information they need, but it will minimise the number of inbound customer queries.

5. Create a blog (and update it regularly)

Creating a blog is essential for any eCommerce website that wants to attract new customers. Blogs allow businesses to not only show their expertise but also highlight the company’s personality. This is vital when looking to create a strong and robust brand image.

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