Three types of websites which are desirable for backlinks

If you have begun a backlinking campaign, you are taking the right approach to achieving a search engine optimisation (SEO) boost. Backlinking can take time to pay dividends, and ideally, you should have a range of other SEO activities which can push your web pages up the rankings. But make no mistake, backlinking has the ability to deliver SEO gains.

Your contacts and communication skills will really come into play as you execute a backlinking campaign, achieving the placement of hyperlinks to your web pages on various websites. But which types of sites should you be targeting for backlinks? In general, that would be websites which have high domain authority scores. But in this article we take a closer look at three types of sites which can be fruitful when it comes to backlinking:

Newspaper websites

So much of the reading we do takes place online now, rather than in print form. Achieving a backlink on a national newspaper website – or alternatively a local or regional title – can be seen as gold dust. These are typically well-established websites with high domain authorities and readerships, pumping out a range of fresh content on a daily basis. Find the right journalist contacts, and see if you can offer them something of value – such as exclusive content – in exchange for a backlink.

Magazine websites

From Forbes to Good Housekeeping – magazines have also made the move online, and are prime pickings for ‘backlinkers’. The same principles to achieving newspaper links apply, and you might even score a double whammy of getting your brand in print, too. Magazines are another opportunity to tick the boxes of SEO and PR in one go.

Association websites

Credible, and typically possessing a high domain authority, trade websites such as association pages are a great chance to achieve a valuable backlink. In some cases, if you are a member of a certain industry, as association page might be happy to carry your backlink in a relevant section, in order to provide useful information to their members. In other cases, you might have to use your creative skills and offer content of value in exchange for a backlink spot.

That’s some guidance on the best sites to target for backlinks. Keep an eye on this blog for more SEO advice in 2021.

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