Searching for a web hosting service in 2021? 3 things to look out for

It is vital for any business to have an online presence now. With more people than ever searching for services and shopping via the internet, you simply cannot afford to ignore what this channel can bring to your organisation. A fabulous website is the cornerstone of connecting with consumers online. Before you can do this though, you need a website hosting service to enable people to find your site on the internet. But what should you be looking for when choosing one in 2021?

High uptime levels

The golden rule with web hosting is that you need a reliable service which gives high levels of uptime. This is crucial because it means your website will be accessible to people most of the time. This becomes even more crucial when you consider that a website which is offline a lot could have a negative impact on your business. Just be careful of any web hosts which promise 100% uptime though – this is just not feasible!

Superb customer support

Another crucial thing to look for when choosing a website hosting service is how good the customer support is. If there are any questions you want answering, you need a host who is easy to contact. You also need one that responds quickly to you and has the expert knowledge to help. To get an idea of this, look around at online reviews of any web hosting services you are thinking of using and ask other people you know about them. It can also be worth contacting them yourself before signing-up and getting an idea of how good their customer service is.

Range of plans

One key aspect for many businesses in this area is finding a web host with a range of plans. All companies are different and this means that a plan which works for one, might not for another. If there is only one plan on offer, this could see you paying too much for features you do not need or not getting enough features to use. In light of this, it is critical to find a web host which has plans to suit all businesses – from large to small.

Reliable website hosting with Excalibur Digital

If you are looking for great value plans, reliability and knowledgeable customer support, choose Excalibur Digital. Based in Kent, our web hosting packages are perfect for getting all kinds of business online. Contact us via the form on our website for more details.

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