SEO mistakes that are hurting your business

From retail stores to financial service firms, every company needs a solid SEO strategy to help them succeed. The trouble is that a lot of businesses are going wrong with SEO without even realising it. If you are not seeing the results you had hoped for, read on to discover some of the common mistakes you could be making.

Forgetting about analytics

How are you going to know if your SEO efforts are working if you do not track their progress? Disregarding the numbers is a big mistake. You need to review your analytics on a regular basis and tweak your approach accordingly. After all, achieving results is one thing, but maintaining them is another.

Not investing in a mobile-friendly experience

If someone was to access your website via their mobile phone, what would they experience? Would your website be difficult to read because it is displayed as it would be on a bigger computer screen? If so, not only is this going to frustrate your users, but it is going to hurt your search engine ranking too. SEO is not just about keywords and content, it is about the quality of your website too.

Prioritising link quantity over quality

Backlinks make up a critical part of any SEO strategy. However, you need to focus on quality, rather than quantity. Links should be relevant to your website, they should also be coming from websites that have solid reputations and are high-ranking themselves. If you have links coming from just any website, it is going to hurt your search engine ranking rather than improve it.

Keyword stuffing

This is a very old SEO practice, which is quite simply not effective anymore. Keyword stuffing will result in your ranking decreasing considerably, as Google will flag your website as spammy. Keywords need to be included naturally, content needs to be relevant to the keywords. Needless to say, you need to choose your keywords carefully as well. Opting for a generic keyword with a lot of competition can leave you languishing at the bottom of page three or lower.

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