eCommerce SEO for beginners

The success of your eCommerce store will come down to a number of factors. Most notably, your ability to drive large quantities of high-quality visitors to your site in the first place. This is where eCommerce SEO comes in.

What is eCommerce SEO?

eCommerce SEO refers to the organic traffic you get from Google. Boosting your eCommerce SEO efforts can help you to drive thousands of free, relevant visitors to your site.

eCommerce SEO tips to help you succeed

Due to the competitive nature of eCommerce SEO, you will find yourself up against a number of competitors who have already deployed effective SEO tactics in their stores. In order to compete, here are four crucial steps you should be following.

1. Use an SEO-friendly site architecture

Your site architecture refers to how your site is fundamentally set up and the way in which you add new products. You should have a friendly architecture with suitable URLs and an easily scalable structure across all devices. The best site architecture will go: Homepage → Category pages → Product pages.

2. Unique content across the board

You should ensure that all of your product descriptions are long, informative and unique. This gives them the best chance to rank in Google for target keywords and to actually convert prospective customers.

3. Optimised title tags

All of your title tags should be well optimised for target keywords. Also, you should put time into writing compelling meta titles and descriptions. These are what people see in Google search results and they need to attract clicks.

4. A diverse use of multimedia

Not only do customers love multimedia (pictures and videos), but it can boost your SEO efforts as well. This is as long as you properly label all multimedia you use and ensure their file sizes are suitably minimised to maintain quick load speeds.

Drastically boost your efforts today

eCommerce SEO is not a quick thing you can implement today. Instead, it takes time and patience in perfecting your skills and trying new techniques. Therefore, it may be best to bring in the help of a talented and experienced digital marketing agency, like ourselves.

Here at Excalibur Digital, we excel in all things eCommerce and SEO and have the know-how to quickly and drastically improve the performance of your site in Google. To find out more about how we can help your business succeed, contact our friendly team today.

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