3 Trends taking website design by storm

Website design trends are constantly evolving, what might be fashionable today could look outdated tomorrow. Website design trends are constantly evolving, what might be fashionable today could look outdated tomorrow. As such, creatives and web designers are constantly innovating to create a better experience for their audiences and more engaging ways to connect with them.

Within this article, we’ll take a look at three top trends taking website design by storm:

1. Web animation

Animation slowly came to prominence in 2017, in particular through the use of animated logos providing the company with a great opportunity to enhance their branding. If well executed it’s a fantastic addition to your web design repertoire, but there’s significant potential for it to look bad if done wrong.

The lowly GIF is also making a comeback thanks to practically any smart device being able to read them. It would seem that the world wants its animated everything, from loops of cats doing funny things to adding something quirky to your email signature.

animated logo

2. Adventurous colours

Throughout the close of 2017, there’s been an increase in the choice of bold colours being used by creatives across a range of digital platforms. One notable example is The Premier League’s 2016/2017 new branding scheme shown below.

premier league branding

New tools being available such as Khroma are helping designers discover more interesting ways of utilising colour. It’s fair to see we can expect to see more designers exploring the use of colour to deliver outstanding user experiences.

3. Creative typography

Typography is an incredibly useful weapon in the battle for your audience’s attention. Designers are diverging from the more conventional fonts and are taking advantage of the plethora of typefaces available, though neo-grotesque sans-serif styles like Helvetica remain fashionable.

It would seem that the return of the serifs is coming to a screen near you soon, as an increasing number of sites are combining both sans-serif and serif fonts to help generate a more dynamic user experience.


Driven by the constant goal of improving the aesthetic effect and personality in their use of typography, designers have been helped along by the tech industry’s incorporation of higher and higher resolution screens in their devices, boosting the legibility factor and opening the door to an increase in custom fonts.

If you’d like help keeping your website design ahead of the curve, get in touch with us at Excalibur Digital.

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