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Website design and development tips – security with PHP and MySQL

With PHP and MySQL hosting being such a common combination powering many of the world’s websites, it’s not surprising hackers often choose to target well-known vulnerabilities in the PHP MySQL internet technology stack to gain back-door access to data. It is therefore important that web designers and developers know what these vulnerabilities are and write […]

Why backlinks will be more important than ever in 2017

Backlinks have been a staple in SEO best practice for a number of years. The philosophy is simple, the more backlinks you have going into your site, the more authoritative Google recognises your site to be. But with big changes coming to the way we search, and the increased use of artificial intelligence to determine […]

Artificial intelligence: the future of SEO

We might not realise it, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly integral part of our everyday lives. Wearables, the Internet of Things and even what we watch on TV are all informing search engines about the best content to show us in search, and even changing how we search – making the role […]

How can keeping a blog benefit a business?

The blogging world may have started as personal pages and journals, but nowadays they are a popular marketing tool, with most businesses using them to some extent. They can be very successful when done correctly, acting as platforms to connect with customers and discuss the latest market trends. You may question how useful they are, […]