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The role of link building in an SEO plan

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an incredibly varied discipline that requires a number of skills to be truly successful at. Effective SEO can be split into two categories: on-page factors and off-page factors. This post is going to be discussing link building, the effect it can have on SEO and three strategies for building quality […]

How can website hosting affect your SEO efforts?

Though Google has actually announced that website hosting isn’t a component of their ranking algorithm, this doesn’t mean that hosting can’t play a huge part in your fight to reach the first page. Though not directly, there are indirect results of bad and good hosting that will affect where your site ends up, so here […]

Why outsourcing SEO makes sense

The world of small businesses has changed so rapidly over the past couple of decades that it’s almost unrecognisable, and where business owners could once get away with an in-depth knowledge of their own sector, they’re now expected to be web designers, online marketers and SEO experts as well as knowing how to manage their […]

Big data trends in 2017

Big data is now no longer the preserve of big corporates – businesses of all sizes are leveraging the information they have in order to improve their services through customer insights, competitor comparisons and internal studies. A whole new wave of software has allowed us to harness the power of big data more effectively, and […]

Help your SEO excel

Society is going through a digital transformation. More businesses are migrating to the digital rather than physical marketplace. There are many reasons for this, not least because it involves fewer overheads and reaches a larger audience, thus promising unrivalled ROI. As this digital marketplace gets more crowded, SEO is playing an increasingly critical role in […]

Managing SEO and design requirements on landing pages

Every page of your website is important and needs to be designed and optimised with care. However, it is particularly crucial that your landing pages are fully optimised and beautifully designed. They are designed to be the first part of your site that most web users will see, meaning that you have to ensure they […]

Knowing your backlinks – do follow vs no follow

Backlinks are an essential tool for any website owner looking to reach the upper echelons of Google’s search rankings. Unfortunately, not all backlinks were created equally and therefore grasping the fundamental differences between them can help you to save considerable time and money pursuing avenues with no or little benefit. In this blog, we’ll take […]

Small business tips for on page optimisation

On page optimisation is one of those terms that sounds rather daunting, but if tackled in a step by step manner, implementing it is not that hard. What you need to keep in mind as you go through each step is that you are creating your side of a conversation you are having with the […]

Do you know how to combat negative SEO?

If your business’s website is fairly successful and attracts a high volume of web-traffic, unscrupulous rivals might attempt to undermine it using negative SEO. As a result, you need to recognise that part of your search engine optimisation process should involving countering this insidious form of attack. But what exactly is negative SEO and how […]