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Chatbots are now a must-have for websites

Website design features often come and go. Many sites have tried internet features like animation, then thought better of it. Some have put video on the front page and sometimes it works; mostly not. Now, the trendy feature for any site is a chatbot. These little interaction points can serve as navigation alternatives, help start […]

Why your business really should move to the Cloud

Many organisations, from small businesses to major corporate bodies, are turning to Cloud computing and its many advantages for their data storage requirements. So what’s so good (and not so good) about using the Cloud? 1. Cost Purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading traditional desktop software is very expensive, especially if you have lots of users across […]

Reasons your eCommerce conversion rate is low

If you run an eCommerce site, you will know all about the importance of your conversion rate. If your visitors aren’t converting, or you witness a sudden drop in the rate, your bottom line is going to suffer. The first step to recovering your conversion rate is identifying the cause. There are plenty of explanations […]

5 tips for improving SEO for local businesses

So, you’re a local business that sells products or services within a particular area. Your main focus is on, for example, ‘waste collection in location’. Unlike other large, national or worldwide businesses, you can’t rely on generic keywords. If you can’t rank for a variant of a keyword and location, you’re less likely to get […]

3 great organic SEO tips

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, quickly became a buzz-phrase when the opportunity to advertise online grew in popularity. There are paid SEO solutions which should be used as part of an effective digital marketing strategy, but there are also opportunities to maximise SEO organically, to help increase the visibility of your website and help you […]