Creating a successful business blog

Optimising your website for search engines (SEO) works best when a variety of tools and techniques are in play. Creating a blog for your business engages keyword use on your site, and can help to grow trust and authenticity within your user base. And it can be fun for you, too! Whilst it may seem daunting, starting a blog needn’t be a scary experience, and can really boost the impact of your e-commerce site. We’ve put together our top tips to help make your venture a success.

Identify your reader

Sales professionals and marketers will be well versed in identifying the target consumer; the strategy should be no different for your blog. You should know who your target customer/reader is and have an idea of what they will find interesting and relevant.

Be interesting

This follows from the previous point – the need to stay interesting and relevant. Although you will undoubtedly be looking to sell your product and/or service, your readers will see through thinly veiled ‘push’ marketing strategies in your digital communications. A blog is an excellent opportunity to show your wider knowledge and range within your industry and in relation to associated topics.

Stay regular

Your readers and customers will develop an ongoing interest and trust in your content if they are able to access it regularly. This doesn’t mean posting every day or even every week – the key is to be consistent.

Engage with your readers

You’re likely to have limited resources, particularly when establishing your blog and before you’ve seen results. But if you are able to dedicate a little more time to the project, you would be well advised to dedicate this to engaging directly with your readers; reading and responding to comments, and soliciting them through your posts, can help your network to feel valued and to trust in your brand.

Connect and promote

Build your blog’s presence by linking up to your social media accounts and utilising your industry connections and network. Promoting your blog through all of your business channels will help you to establish your initial readership. Make sure it’s easy for readers to find you and subscribe, too.

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