How digital communication can improve your website’s performance

Website performance can be measured in many different ways. The number of visitors, each page’s bounce rate and, if applicable, the number of sales, can all demonstrate how your website is competing against similar companies.

With digital communication, each of these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be improved. It is very rare for someone to be searching for your specific website. They may discover it when looking for your services, but it is digital communication tools – such as the ones below – that drive audiences to your company’s site.

Social media

Social media platforms are the first port of call for many members of your online audience. Consistent and effective posts (with links to web pages) will see the number of site users grow.

The stronger your social media content, the more your audience will engage with you as a company.

Blog posts

Well-written and relevant blog posts are another effective way of driving more traffic to your site and keeping them there.

Blogs are also a great way of refreshing your site’s content, making it easier for search engines to find.


Once you have brought traffic from social media/search engines to your site and engaged the audience enough for them to submit their contact details, you can now email them directly and continue to lead them to your website.

Whether they have subscribed to your blog or made a purchase, you can keep them up to date with the latest offers and inform them of any changes to your company through regular newsletters or updates.

Video calls

Predominantly used for business to business purposes, video calls may also be used to contact customers who are making large orders to your company. Its use can improve website performance, as you may advertise video calls as an option for communicating with your audience, especially in a post-COVID world.

With consistent use of these digital communication tools, the journey for your audience – from casual interest to committed customer – is clear, as is how your website’s performance can be improved.

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