Common eCommerce myths demystified

There’s no doubt that more and more of us are shopping online. 53% of people bought goods over the internet in 2008, but by 2019, this figure had shot up to 82% – and the numbers keep on growing.

With this in mind, knowing how to effectively operate an eCommerce site is more important than ever. But does this mean businesses truly know what they’re doing? Here are some common eCommerce myths debunked.

Great products sell themselves

No matter how great your products are, the reality is, if people don’t know they exist, they’ll stay firmly on the shelves. Your goods won’t sell themselves if you don’t invest time, money and effort into your eCommerce site. This involves paying attention to things such as effective website design and development, digital communication strategies and marketing, as well as SEO.

Lowest price wins

If your online shop operates in a competitive market, you might think that one way to get ahead of your rivals is to undercut them on price. But offering the lowest price isn’t necessarily the way to make a success of your eCommerce operations and could even harm your bottom line. Customers don’t always look for the cheapest price but favour aspects such as user experience, a reliable service, a safe and secure site, a trusted brand name, convenience and quality offerings, so focus on these key areas to win target audiences over.

My customers don’t shop online

Even if your target customers aren’t the type to purchase online, don’t make this an excuse for not setting up an eCommerce store. Nothing stands still in business and those customers who you assumed to be averse to online shopping could well be easily converted as trends and market conditions change.

Ongoing web management isn’t necessary

Many business owners assume that once their eCommerce site is up and running, they can let it do its thing. But this isn’t so. You’ll need to check that the store remains current and make tweaks if necessary, while it’s a good idea to assess traffic analytics to see which products are converting into sales and which aren’t. While this may sound like hard work for a busy manager who has no knowledge of eCommerce management, but a reliable website hosting or design company will be able to keep track of your website performance.

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