The 3 cornerstones of professional web hosting

Website hosting is the backbone of any business’ online presence. It’s essential that whoever you choose to take care of your website hosting needs, they’re able to ensure said hosting meets certain essential criteria.

Regardless of the size of your business, or the nature of your website, make sure your website hosting service is:


It’s going to be impossible to develop your business if your website is crashing every time it’s put under load. The goal of any marketing you do will be to drive traffic to your website. If the said website is incapable of remaining responsive, you’re never going to grow.

A specialist website hosting provider, such as Excalibur Digital, will be able to tailor a package to your particular needs. They’ll work with you to understand the kind of traffic you anticipate your website will experience, to ensure reliable website performance.


It goes without saying you anticipate your business will grow – if you don’t think you’re going to grow, something’s not right somewhere. With that growth, however, your website hosting needs will change. It’s important that your hosting provider is versatile enough to change your hosting package in line with your developing needs.

So too you should consider affordability. You shouldn’t have to invest eye-watering amounts of capital into a reliable and capable website hosting package. There are a variety of affordable packages you can choose from via Excalibur Digital, which provide excellent value for money.


Security is a supremely important part of any website hosting package you consider. A security breach has wide-reaching consequences for your business, should you suffer one. This could vary from potential loss of custom to potentially losing customer payment information – needless to say, these are better avoided.

Your website hosting provider should be able to properly assure you of their capability to keep your website running securely. This means constant maintenance to ensure everything is up to date and in line with the latest virus, spyware, and hacking definitions.

Investing in professional website hosting is essential for allowing your business to grow, so choose your provider wisely.

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