Tips on creating a content-rich website

If you are already operating an e-commerce website or are contemplating taking your business online then you might consider creating a content-rich website. Content-rich websites attract visitors with compelling aesthetics including exotic photographs and media that invite visitors to spend more time on the site. Attractive content is a great way of engaging visitors by cultivating their interest in the products on offer and increasing the chances of converting clicks into sales.

The content may include appealing shots of the products, demonstrating product features from different perspectives or featuring customers or models demonstrating the products in use. The content can be shot at exotic locations that immediately capture the visitor’s attention. Other content can demonstrate to visitors your commitment to quality and ethical business practices. Some of the videos may even feature hilarious demonstrations of how to use products including YouTube links to the more audacious content.

Needless to say, creating a content-rich website is a demanding endeavour that requires meticulous planning and resource allocation.

At Excalibur Digital, we offer web design services that are customised for content-rich websites. Our packages are designed to help even the most sophisticated businesses get online. Our web design and development team will work with you all the way to make sure that your website is highly functional and visitors have a satisfying shopping experience. For just £899, you can have a website that is embellished with highly engaging content.

If you have a content-rich website, it is only natural that you will aspire to optimise the content so that you can make a return on your investment. You would not want to clutter your site with content that does not engage visitors or lead to sales. That is why you need data analytics tools to help you optimise your site and embellish it with content that leads to sales.

Excalibur Digital offer sophisticated data analytics that will help you create content that increases visibility, customer engagement and conversions. For only £6.99 a month, you get our unlimited web hosting package that is suited to heavy websites.

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