Why you should invest in an audit report for your website, today

You could be forgiven for thinking that, on the face of it, an audit report from Excalibur Digital might not be essential. When you start thinking about it a little more, though, you’ll quickly understand why it’s a service that you can’t really do without.

What is an audit report?

Think of an audit report as a report card for your website. Excalibur Digital will spend upward of three days running in-depth diagnostics on your website. During this time, they’ll monitor every aspect of your website to see if there are any specific areas that could stand to be improved.

Having seen thousands of websites, and designed thousands more, Excalibur Digital understand the proper barometers of website performance. Your website is your only real means of communicating with your customers online, you need to make sure it’s as responsive, intuitive, and secure as possible.

An audit report will highlight any key issues that are discovered. Whether it’s a problem with functionality or security, Excalibur Digital will provide you with detailed feedback about the nature of the problem, and what can be done to fix it.

Why you should care

The cornerstone of any successful business is good customer experience. This is what develops brand loyalty and instigates positive word of mouth marketing – if a customer has a great time buying from you, they’ll tell people.

With technology such a ubiquitous part of everyone’s lives, there’s really no excuse these days for a website that falls below par in terms of performance. With customer time at a premium, long load times, confusing UI, and insecure payment options are simply not good enough.

The difficulty is that it can be hard to notice problems with your own website. You’re so busy with the day-to-day running of your business, that browsing your own website doesn’t enter your mind. That’s why an audit report conducted by impartial professionals makes sense.

There are always improvements to be made with any website. An audit report from Excalibur Digital can help you identify problem areas in your website, and resolve them quickly.

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