4 reasons your website isn’t as successful as it could be

Whether you’re looking to hit a sales target or just wanting to get more traffic to your site, it can be hard to get over the hump when it seems like nothing you’re doing is working and the clicks aren’t coming in. But don’t feel defeated just yet – you might just need to alter your perspective a little to see exactly how your website can become a success.

Here are four reasons why your website isn’t as successful as you’d like it to be – and a few tips and tricks on how to bypass these problems to improve your leads, gain traffic and encourage engagement:

1. Not enough content

One of the main problems that many modern businesses find with new websites is there just isn’t enough content or information to draw potential customers to them. Consider adding a blog or just extending your content, so there’s plenty of copy and keywords for the Google bots to discover.

2. Only organic

If you’re working in a competitive industry and none of your marketing budgeting is for AdWords, then you’re unlikely to be getting the best customers or even appear near the top of Google search rankings. Consider budgeting at least a little for paid advertising per month – it will be worth it.

3. No value for customers

A website that says nothing or doesn’t appeal to its customer base is rarely a successful one. Take a good look at your existing customers, and what your target audience is. If there’s nothing to provide value to those customers – from engaging information to exclusive offers – then why would they choose your business? Give people a reason to visit your website, and you’ll soon be converting clicks to sales.

4. Dated design

A dated design, especially compared with competitors with a new or updated website, can quickly make your site look unappealing and old-fashioned to potential customers. Ensure you’re not left behind by consistently updating and renewing your website, especially in consideration of your target customer.

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