Three reasons why you should let a web agency host and design your website

The nature of business is continuing to develop. One of the clearest signs of this occurring is the alarming rate in which shops are closing on our high streets in place of online stores.

Some entrepreneurs are wasting this online growth movement by hosting their own website through free drag and drop page builders, which are ultimately less effective and even professional in appearance to prospective customers.

Here are three key reasons why you should get a web agency to host and design your website and avoid the pitfalls of attempting this work yourself.

1. User experience

The fundamentals are crucial. If your website is littered with adverts and is poorly designed, then you will lose business before a customer even adds something to their basket or lands on your contact page.

By having a website which is designed and hosted by professionals, your company will gain credibility due to having a website easy to use by your customers.

2. Personalisation

Yes, a freebie drag and drop website may seem appealing; however, these platforms often have very little personalisation and they will rarely cater to your needs.

By choosing a web agency, your website will be built to look and feel exactly how you want, with themes and plugins installed correctly, allowing your site to appear just as you have dreamed and have exactly the functionality that you require.

From a booking system to rent out rooms to an online store that helps you take full advantage of eCommerce, with an agency such as Exacilibur Digital designing and hosting your website, you will have a website that is tailored perfectly to your business.

3. Consistency

When running a company, consistency is key. Having a house style involves keeping colours the same across your logo, website, marketing materials, uniform and more.

So why restrict yourself to a template designed by a company which has very little versatility? With a web agency at the helm, you can ensure that the same fonts and styles from your business cards etc are also used across every page on your website.

Having an inconsistent appearance will lead to potential customers bouncing from your website to one with a more professional outlook. With consistency, you can keep people on your website for longer and make them more likely to buy your product/service.

Have you finished reading this and are realising how important a professionally designed website is? Get in contact with us now to receive information on how we can build and host the perfect website for you.

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