Why is user experience crucial to web design and development?

If you own your own business and either have a website already or are looking to get one built, then you may have seen two mysterious letters crop up constantly – UX. In terms of website design and development, this is a key trend to take into account and one that can really help your site attract more visitors.

But what exactly is UX? In simple terms, it stands for User Experience and refers to how enjoyable your website is to use.

Why is user experience key to web development?

When it comes to website design and development, there are many factors which come into play such as SEO or SaaS. User experience is one key part as it will dictate how pleasurable your business’s site is to use. Naturally, a website that is enjoyable to use will be better for business. This will mean more visitors not only stay on your site when they find it but are also more likely to spend money online with you.

What affects the user experience?

Now we know why UX is a key part of web design and development, you may be wondering which site features impact on it.

Site speed

This is probably the top factor in deciding how user-friendly your website is. Ideally, you want a website that is fast and responsive when someone clicks on it. If you have a site that is slow to react and has slow page loading speeds, people will get annoyed and leave.

Sensible navigation

The ease in which people can navigate around your site to find what they want is also important. If you put things in places that do not make logical sense, then consumers will struggle to locate them. Most consumers will not waste their time hunting for what they need unduly – this makes a good navigation framework essential.

Mobile friendly

You must have a website that is as easy to use on a mobile device as it is on a desktop computer. Many people will search for products, research companies and buy goods when on the move now. If your site does not deliver an excellent mobile browsing experience, you will be left behind.

Outstanding UX services in Kent

If you need a little help with creating a new website that has stellar user experience built in or require help overhauling the UX of your current one, give us a call today. Our team of website design and development specialists have many years of experience in this area. This means they will be able to help make your businesses website attractive to consumers and amazing to use.

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