How to build a compelling brand using your website

Brand building and website building go hand-in-hand. A compelling brand with a drab website will fail to capture the imagination of potential customers. In the meantime, a compelling website without a strong brand may succeed, but this success will have limits.

How can you build a compelling brand using your website?

1. Use a professional website builder

If you want to build a compelling brand to attract customers like flies, use a professional website designer. A professional website designer will consider all the details of your business and use those details to express a powerful branded story through your website.

Your website is a visual tool which can use images, words and sound to shout ‘I’m a brand’. Think big because your website projects the reality of your business. Professional website design and development will help you to develop a brand using your website.

2. The devil is in the detail

A website uses visual design as well as techniques such as SEO to grow your visibility online. When you build your brand, you must consider every detail. Don’t forget you only have an instant to capture the attention of a potential customer who lands on your website. Consider the visuals (such as your logo, the colour scheme, images used) as well as the technical aspects of your website (content, brand story, SEO). Every detail works together to build your brand. When every detail works together in harmony, the resulting impression is that your business is a brand.

3. Simplicity works best

Don’t over complicate your website. Use a balance of images and words. Don’t get over wordy. You can balance compelling content with white space. People will land on your website, clean and clear content attracts and engages, while cluttered information-overload puts people off. People want instant answers quickly, so make sure key information about your business is easy to find and bold.

Furthermore, make sure your website functions as a brand. That means links should work (backlinks and internal), the website should load fast, the SEO strategy should be on-point, and the user experience should be smooth, intuitive and simple.

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