Three top tips when designing your website

In the modern world, your website is usually the first thing your customer will look at. So a company’s website needs to not only entice the customer to visit it but also needs to keep them looking at it.

So what are the three things to remember when building and managing your website?

1. Mobile friendly

Nowadays, the majority of us are visiting websites on our mobile phones instead of on a laptop or computer, and we expect to see a website displayed in the same way on a mobile as we do on a desktop. To stay up-to-date and improve the user experience, building and designing a website in a mobile responsive template is absolutely essential.

2. Content

A website must have more than a visually appealing design to be successful, and there must be a reason for the user to stay on your website. That reason is the type of content you put on your website. Content should always be engaging and informative for the user; remember to make any content as clear and insightful as possible and to ensure that the desired action you want the reader to take is clear (whether to sign up, buy or click through).

Website users are accustomed to coming across a variety of different types of content, so make sure you use a range of content to keep your audience engaged and aware of your key messages. Types of content could be videos, infographics, blogs and news stories. Having this range of content on your website will make sure the user isn’t turned off – no one wants to see the same thing all the time!

3. Website menu

When designing a website, it’s important that your users can easily use the website menu. This means that your users will be able to easily find what they need on your website. It needs to be intuitive and easy for them to ensure they don’t leave without getting what they came for.

Keep things simple and don’t have too many pages and options that could make things confusing. In web design, it is generally recommended that your users should be able to access what they need in just a few clicks. Therefore, make sure there aren’t too many steps for them to get to the page they need.

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