What trends could 2021 bring in web design?

2020 has been quite the year for all business owners around the UK. With 2021 coming up quickly, now is a good time to look ahead to what the next 12 months might bring. This is especially true for website design and development. As your website is crucial to maintaining a positive online presence and overall business success, it pays to know what trends might take off soon. But which are the ones that look most likely?

1. Unusual colour schemes

One web design trend that many expect to see explode in 2021 is the use of unusual colour schemes. Of course, we mean unusual in a good way! This could see web developers putting together bold hues which blend to mesmerising effect. It may also see businesses revamp their current site to make the most of this trend and stand out from the crowd. From blendable ombre shades which glow to contrasting colour pairings, 2021 could be the year this trend really catches on.

2. 3D site elements

3D elements in web design have been slowly building up a head of steam in recent years. We are now at the point where internet technology, web design platforms and processing power in computers/smartphones can handle this well. As a result, more and more 3D design flourishes could start to crop up in the new year. As AR tech also begins to be used more, 3D could really come into its own. When you see how stunning 3D rendered elements can be on a website, it is no surprise.

3. Asymmetry in layouts

This could be a huge change in terms of web design for 2021. Asymmetric layouts are poised to be a real trend in the new year and change how people create websites. Until now, the grid layout system has always been the most popular. While this has many advantages, it can limit how creative you can get. Asymmetry in web design frees up developers to be as creative as they like and put elements wherever you want on the page. This could lead to some really unique looking websites in the coming year.

Make your website sing in 2021 with Excalibur Digital

Here at Excalibur Digital, we keep a close eye on the hottest trends in web design from our base in Kent. This keeps us up to date with the latest industry news and allows us to offer a comprehensive service to our clients. Whether you need a brand new website creating for the new year or your current one revamping, we can help. Get in touch today for a chat.

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