Blogging tips for businesses

If you have a business, you might find that a blog can help a lot with marketing – even more so than social media accounts. However, it’s important to write a blog in the right way; you want it to be a really valuable resource to your readers. Here are some great blogging tips for businesses!

Write with SEO in mind

If you are writing a blog because you want to attract more customers, about 80% of your posts should be written with SEO in mind. Use an external tool to find keywords, and place the keyword strategically a few times in the body of the text, in the URL and in the heading.

Write some personal posts

About 20% of your posts should be non-SEO focused and can be more personal. You can use these to reflect on your business, set your goals (that you are happy to be made public!), or tell your customers a little more about you.

Link the posts together

You should link some of your SEO posts to your personal posts, so people can find them. Internal links are also great for SEO, so try to link your blog posts as much as possible!

Try to answer readers’ questions

When blogging, it’s important to put yourself in the readers’ shoes. Imagine questions that you would ask if you were a reader using your business, and write a post that adequately answers that.

Format the blog well

Your blog should have an easy to read, accessible format. If web design isn’t your thing, it might be worth hiring a designer to make this for you. Photos should all be high-quality and the same size (use stock photos if you don’t have your own).

Check for grammar

Use a programme like Grammarly to check for grammar and plagiarism before publishing. You’ll be able to find some useful grammar insights and make sure you aren’t accidentally plagiarising anything – aim for a plagiarism score of less than 3%.

Armed with these tips, you’ll be able to create an excellent blog that will help boost your business. There are lots of ways you can use a blog, but creating one is an essential way to keep your business current and ensure it gets lots of traffic, and ultimately customers!

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