Five important things to consider when setting up an e-commerce site

Setting up a website for your business can be tricky, there’s no doubt about it. However, it can also be very beneficial. By having a website, you allow new/existing customers to find you at any given time or place, it boosts your online presence and can lead to more sales. It is a great form of advertising and if done correctly can also cut costs.

What do you want to achieve from your e-commerce site?

Before setting up a website, you must know your end goals and desires. What is it you want to achieve? What are your KPIs? How will you monitor that you’re hitting all of your targets? By having these goals and targets in mind from the start, you always have something to push for.

You will need to invest in a domain name

Choose a domain name that is unique, easy for the customer to remember and relevant to your brand and what it is that you offer. Bear in mind that if you are planning on targeting different countries, you may need more than one domain name. The domain name can be purchased through hosting companies and most of them offer package deals which will save you some money. Make sure to do your research and compare domain name prices.

Choosing the right e-commerce platform

Again, do your research to ensure you choose the right e-commerce platform because if you decide later on that you want to change it, you will end up paying a lot of money and it will be very time consuming.

You will need an SSL certificate

Ensure that you invest in an SSL certificate as this is required alongside your domain name. A variety of different companies provide SSL certificates and there are many benefits to them. Make sure that your domain name is registered before trying to purchase an SSL.

Is your web design appropriate and appealing?

Website design is very important when it comes to consumers using your website and actually making a purchase. It is the first impression new customers get when visiting your site. It only takes a few seconds for the viewer to decide whether or not they want to continue browsing or not. If your website is hard to use, outdated and unappealing, you will receive negative feedback and results.

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