Digital communication is something your business can’t afford to ignore

Whatever your industry, and regardless of how large or small your business is, it is absolutely essential to fully understand – and subsequently utilise – the power of digital communication.

Businesses are continually realising that they must embrace digital technologies if they are not only to survive but thrive going forwards. From accounting to stock management, employee diaries to booking holidays, there is virtually no business department that could not be massively enhanced via the introduction and implementation of digital technology.

Digital communication, however, can often be overlooked in terms of its importance. Due to the fact that communicating is something we all do every day, and is something we are all relatively adept at, it is easy for businesses to ascertain that there are no additional skills to learn or techniques to utilise. This is, however, rarely the case.

So, with that firmly in mind, let’s take a look at the true value of digital communication.

1. It connects companies and consumers.

Customers truly value the ability to be able to interact directly – and easily – with the companies they deal with. This helps to build relationships and lets consumers know that, should they encounter a problem that needs resolving or come up with a question they need to be answered, they will get the assistance they require promptly.

2. It helps companies connect with employees.

Digital communication is often seen as an external business process, but it should never be forgotten that it can be an incredibly beneficial internal one as well. By communicating with employees efficiently, either via emails, an internal intranet or through surveys, for example, you will show them that their opinions are valued and that the company genuinely cares about what they think.

3. It provides results that can be measured.

There is a plethora of metrics available with which to track the effectiveness of any digital communication campaign you commit to. Whether it be the number of employees that opened and read an email, the number of views of video or podcast received, the number of times a particular report or piece of research was downloaded, or the number of times people searched for terms or content directly related to your organisation, it is incredibly important to make use of these metrics – and any others that are particularly relevant to your business and what it does – so as to refine you messaging and make it as efficient and valuable as possible.

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