Why is website performance so crucial?

If you are considering having a website designed, there is a lot to think about. Getting it right is crucial in today’s business world so it attracts consumers online, rather than putting them off. One vital factor to focus on is how any site performs. But why is this so important?

Consumers value it

This is perhaps the biggest reason to focus on how your website performs – and improve it if needs be. Most consumers now look for sites which are enjoyable to use, well-laid out and responsive. In addition, they value fast page loading speeds. If your website does not offer quick load times and decent performance, then they will head elsewhere to spend their money. In an increasingly competitive business world, factors like this can have a huge impact on success.

It reflects well on your business

A website which is fast and performs well will also help your brand image. This is not only with the public but also in a business to business sense. Being able to build a strong, respected brand is key and others will look at you more positively if your website performs well. This will help your business enjoy greater authority in its sector and gain a reputation for doing things properly.

It can help bump you up the SERPs

All business owners know how key SEO is now and how many leads can be gained by appearing higher up the search engine results pages. This is another thing which focusing on website performance can help with. In simple terms, the major search engines now take page load speeds and the stability of a site into account. If they can see you hit the mark here, you stand a good chance of ranking more highly overall.

Web design is key to site performance

While there are some cool tips to boost the performance of any website, it really all starts with the basic design. If you create a website that is set-up to perform well and be responsive from the start, it is a lot easier than trying to fix it afterwards. Here at Excalibur Digital, we have lots of experience in creating websites which deliver superb stability, common sense layouts and ultra-quick load speeds. Call today on 01622 535331 for more details.

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