3 backlinking mistakes you do not want to make

If you run your own website, search engine optimisation is an important area to focus on. This covers optimising your site so that it ranks higher in search engine results. One strategy within SEO that you may have come across before is backlink building. Backlinks are basically links from an external site to your own which help give yours more clout. Building up backlinks is therefore a valid SEO strategy which can help you rank higher. This only happens when it is done right though!

But what common mistakes do some business owners still make here?

Getting backlinks from any old site

One common mistake in terms of building backlinks is going for quantity over quality. This is seriously not a good idea as the major search engines now take into account the reputation any site you link with has. If they are seen as a dodgy site with poor authority, it actually reflects badly on your own site and will drag you down. It is important to always consider the authority and reputation of any site you have backlinks from for this reason.

Buying backlinks

There is one golden rule when it comes to good SEO – never buy backlinks! This is an unethical practice and one that search engines will penalise you for. In some cases, search engines will completely ban sites who they think have been buying backlinks. If you plan to build a backlinking strategy, it must be done in an ethical and natural way.

Doing too much all at once

This sometimes catches people out as they genuinely are not doing anything wrong. However, building up large numbers of backlinks in a short space of time can look suspicious to search engines. They might take this as a sign of unethical behaviour and penalise you as a result. It is much better to have a long-term strategy for backlink building which grows at a steady pace.

Contact Excalibur Digital for backlink building in Kent

As with most SEO strategies, backlink building is a real art which needs specialist knowledge. If you do not have this yourself, it is all too easy to fall foul of search engine regulations or do more harm than good. Here at Excalibur Digital, we have a lot of experience in building up ethical backlinking strategies for businesses in Kent. Call us on 01622 535331 for more details.

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