Three SEO boxes your website should tick

If you are looking for customers online, you should think of your website as the engine of your business. It can help you to meet many objectives, including showcasing your products and services, being a resource of information, and allowing you to sell directly to consumers.

You will find that the websites which perform better in search engine results are those which are ticking off some search engine optimisation (SEO) essentials – and in this blog – we list three:

Keep it original!

Sometimes when designing your websites it can be a quick and convenient option to replicate some content across more than one page if relevant – especially if you are happy with a particular section of text. But you should know that this is a bad idea because it is a recognised trait of the Google search engine to put a ‘lower value’ on content which has been copied. A simple solution is to get your content rewritten.

Build your content

Even with all your product and service descriptions, is there enough meaningful and SEO friendly content on your site? In particular, if you are using a keyword strategy, there might not be sufficient space to fit all of your keywords in. This is why it can be a good idea to create a section such as a blog, or regular news update, which can give you the opportunity to build your content, with the result being an SEO boost.

Make your page titles SEO friendly

You shouldn’t see your page titles as merely being descriptive – they can be very important in an SEO context; especially when married up to a carefully created keyword strategy. Ensure that your page titles contain your researched keywords, and also try to insert them into your meta descriptions too – these are the lines of content which show up on Google underneath the titles. They should typically be no more than 160 characters long.

We hope you found this website design advice useful. Remember that SEO should not be seen as a ‘one time job’. Your website should keep evolving, adapting with changes to the Google algorithm.

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