3 myths about SaaS debunked

SaaS is becoming more and more popular among businesses who are looking to avoid the excessive costs associated with on-site software applications, but there are still a number of myths that continue to circulate about this innovative software solution.

Myth 1: SaaS applications are not secure

The security for cloud services can be operated, maintained and constructed to a degree that is more cost-effective for any individual organisation or business. In architectures that are cloud-based, tenants are able to share hardware that their servers or virtual machines are run on, so adequate security measures are essential to make sure that tenants do not put each other at risk in terms of privacy violation, misuse and data loss. The most popular SaaS providers on the market offer disaster recovery features along with network protection and physical security.

Myth 2: You lose control of your data

All SaaS contracts explicitly state that the consumer owns the entirety of the data, and all vendors have a process for customers should they choose to end their agreement, in which the data is exported so that customers can take it with them. Most SaaS solutions offer web service integrations and flexible reporting to give customers access to their data in whichever form they want. Because the data is stored in the cloud, it is accessible whenever you need it regardless of where you are, as long as you have an internet connection and a functioning browser.

Myth 3: SaaS isn’t cost-effective

Most of the financial benefits of SaaS are difficult to quantify because they are based on the reduced burden for administrative and IT employees and increased staff productivity. With software that is installed, you will be held back with initial licensing fees, along with the costs for staff training, troubleshooting, support and upgrades. For larger applications, you need to maintain and house the servers that your software is run on. With SaaS, you don’t need to pay an up-front lump sum, so your money remains in circulation and your funds can be used to generate more revenue.

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