Can a good blog really = more eCommerce customers?

If you are running an eCommerce site, your mind might be full of numbers and product names. So when it comes to your marketing, what’s your first port of call?

Are you ploughing money into online advertising spots, using paid search campaigns, or perhaps you have a large reliance on social media? All those activities can be effective in attracting new visitors onto your site and progressing them through the customer journey. But what about a blog? If you don’t know the benefits a regular blog could offer to your eCommerce site, we are here to tell you about them…

Straight up SEO

If you are an eCommerce marketer, you must surely recognise the advantages which search engine optimisation (SEO) can offer to your business. Being able to rank highly for certain key phrases, including product names, can put you right in front of customers’ eyes when they are looking for a product. But a well written, engaging blog can also serve that purpose. That’s because you can create a keyword strategy which places those key phrases within the blog, leading to an SEO boost for search results relating to these keywords.

Build a brand following

Even if you are giving your customers great deals, product selection, and service – just how attached are they to your brand? Customers who resonate with a brand can become more loyal and offer you repeat business – and one way to tell your story, interest and engage your customers, and have a voice, is to come up with a regular blog. You can broadcast through social media channels, email and of course, your website.

Showcase your products

Even with a product heavy keyword list, your blog doesn’t need to be exclusively about your products. Still, there is nothing wrong with using some of your blogs to ‘shout from the rooftops’ about items which can be bought on your site. You could do this in the form of top 10 or top 5 lists, product guides, ‘how-to’ articles, and seasonally themed blogs.

There’s some food for thought when it comes to creating a blog for your site. Why not see if a regular blog can contribute to your ‘lockdown boom’?

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