Top 2020 user experience design trends

Over the last few years, user experience (UX) has grown from a digital communication buzzword to an essential factor all businesses with an online presence must consider. UX has completely changed how apps and websites are developed, highlighting the importance of addressing the user’s needs and requirements at every digital level. So, what UX design trends have already immerged as dominant in 2020?

1. Truth validation

In a world of fake news and social media misinformation, online consumers are becoming warier about what content they are reading online, and how truthful it is. For this reason, a strong trend emerging in 2020 for UX is truth validation. From clearly displayed sources to disclaimer messages before sponsored content, brands must ensure all information they are releasing is honest, transparent and accurately credited.

2. Multi-platform optimisation

A few years ago, mobile optimisation was a true pillar of UX, as more and more individuals began searching the web via their phone. While this is still important, mobile is no longer the only platform that must be considered for UX. From video consoles and tablets to car dashboards and even smart fridges, there are now a seemingly unlimited number of platforms that can search the web and download apps. For this reason, is essential to ensure any digital content you release has been optimised for any and all platforms.

3. Design audits

Before a business re-works their online content, they must first complete a design audit which will tell them specifically how their UX could be improved. Many consumers today are looking for sleeker, leaner products and don’t want to be overwhelmed with information online. A design audit will reveal where your content is losing customers, providing you with the information you need to enhance your website performance and UX in these areas.

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