5 ecommerce trends to boost sales in 2020

How customers browse, share and shop online is constantly changing. As a business running an ecommerce store, it’s important to keep ahead of the game to make sure you stay relevant and continue to grow throughout 2020. Here are five trends to incorporate into your sales and marketing strategy this year.

1 – Programmatic advertising

Social media sites and Google alike are all jumping on and developing a new advertising bandwagon – programmatic ads. In simple terms – programmatic advertising is all about making sure your audience see your ads in the right places, at the right times.

This is a form of intelligent advertising that uses datasets of the audience’s interests and behaviour to target the adverts. Over time, they can then be retargeted to boost ROI.

2 – Mobile commerce

If you haven’t already, now is the time you should make sure your ecommerce website is responsive! People spend so much time on mobile devices that this is a great opportunity to reach them whatever you’re advertising. Mobile sales are increasing year on year for businesses in a range of sectors all across the world – make sure you aren’t left behind!

3 – New ways to pay

New payment options for ecommerce (and especially mobile commerce) are springing up all the time. Where we once just had PayPal and credit/debit cards, we now have digital wallets, cryptocurrency and social payments. All of these can make the commerce experience for mobile users easier; if they can actually use them to pay on your website.

4 – Amazon

You don’t need to necessarily run and hide from the behemoth that is Amazon; why not sell through them instead? The marketplace is growing month on month and showing no signs of slowing and with millions of customers browsing daily, that’s a whole lot of people ready to buy that you could be missing out on.

5 – Influencer marketing

Influencers aren’t necessarily just what you hear in the popular media. When done right, and using carefully selected influencers, this can be a successful marketing tactic. Many influencers have a real, tangible audience who can be genuinely influenced by their recommendations. Delve into the world and find people who match your niche; just be careful to invest your money wisely.

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