Which are the best digital communication apps for your business?

If you own or manage a business, you are doing so in the midst of a digital era which seems to be almost all-encompassing. But are you using all the digital tools you could be benefitting from? Digital communication apps are one of the gifts which this era has presented us with, and in this blog, we run through the apps and key features which could make them suitable for your business.


You might already be a social WhatsApp user, but are you getting the most of it for your business? WhatsApp can be ideal for companies with several departments who need to talk regularly as a team. The Groups feature is just perfect for teams between around five and ten, allowing ideas to be floated, updates to be made and issues to be discussed. Just keep an eye on the subject matter and member count – otherwise, chats can quickly become an irrelevant distraction for some!


Skype can come in handy when speaking to clients overseas, or when somebody can’t be present for a meeting, but you still wish to have a ‘face to face’. Similarly, if you would like to get a feel for how someone comes across in person, but don’t have the means to meet them, Skype can give you a way of ‘sizing up’ a job candidate or prospect. And if you travel overseas, don’t forget that you can use Skype to call phone numbers, which can work out cheaper than local call rates.


If you thought Messenger was just for chatting with friends on Facebook, then think again! For businesses with any kind of customer-facing function – from online retailers to hospitality businesses and service providers – Messenger can be an important customer service tool. Should anyone message your Facebook business page, day or night, you will have a way to respond to them. This might be through an automated message out of hours, which you can then pick up when you are back online.

So those are some of the ways in which you can use the most popular messaging apps to optimise your business’s digital communication! Just remember to stay on topic and not get sidetracked with small talk too much!

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