3 backlink quick wins you don’t want to miss out on

When researching link building tactics and techniques it can feel like there’s almost too much to go at, much of which can seem incredibly time-consuming. Whilst the longer-term link building strategy is important and constantly needs to be worked at for continual performance, there are also a few quick wins you can look at today to give your SEO a boost.

Turn your mentions into links

If your brand is being talked about online, you should know about it for brand monitoring purposes, but also because it presents an opportunity to turn those mentions into valuable links. You can find mentions of your brand name online quickly by setting up Google alerts for your brand name, so these get delivered to your inbox on a regularity of your choosing. Alternatively, you can use a tool such as SEMRush to find mentions and quickly assess the sentiment of them.

Once you’ve found these mentions, you can contact the publisher, politely requesting they link back to your website.

Turn your no-follow links into follow links

There are plenty of tools available that will show you the list of links currently pointing to your website, and they will categorise these as “follow” or “no-follow” links. We want as many follow links as possible because these types of links pass a little link equity from the site that has created the link, which contributes to your site’s overall authority in the search engines’ eyes.

A quick search on a tool such as the Link Explorer from Moz will show you the no-follow links you currently have, and you can set about contacting the publishers to request these are updated to follow links.

Turn your images into links

If you have images on your website, you could find that others have used these images online without crediting you as the original source of the image. To find any instances of this, you can do a reverse Google image search and this will show you the other websites your image appears on. You can then contact the website owner and request they credit you as the source, with a link back to the page on your website where the image is located.

If you find yourself with a few hours over the quieter Christmas break, have a go at finding some of these opportunities and you could find yourself with a pool of potential links to go after in the New Year. For support with your SEO strategy, give us a call on 01622 535331.

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